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Tip:  Flying itself is not inherently dangerous, but like the sea, it is unforgiving of mistakes and overconfidence.


Not all planes fly like the Cessna you took lessons in. As designs become faster and more efficient, the handling qualities change.
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Nothing hones a pilot’s skill like learning to fly tailwheel or ‘conventional’ geared aircraft. Bush flying, glider towing and aerobatic airplanes are almost exclusively of this type.
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Instrument Flight Rules opens up a whole new world of flying and is the ultimate achievement for most aviators.
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Learning any skill starts with the basics, and learning the basics properly means a solid foundation for anything further down the road.
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There is a realm of unusual flying machines that might interest you. In it, you will find hang gliders and paragliders, ultralights and homebuilts and a few treats like warbirds, helicopters and aerobatic planes that few get to experience.
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