About NLFT

Next Level Flight Training (NLFT) provides customized flight training and professional services to discerning aircraft owners. Our mission is to help make your experience as a pilot safer, more efficient and more fun. Whether your mission is to fly somewhere for business, vacation or just recreation...we can help you fly with the utmost of confidence, precision and economy. We take flying seriously and believe more training, more practice and a personal approach can achieve superior results. Contact us now to take your skills to the next level.


NLFT is based just west of Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Burlington Executive Airport (CZBA). But we can come to you if that works better...after all, it doesnt take long to fly to another airport nearby. If you take your bird south for the winter, we can come to your airport, settle in at a local hotel or B&B and provide a week or two of flying boot-camp.

We're also working on a virtual simulator instructor that can be 'next' to you at your desktop. Stay tuned for details.