The learning never stops when you become a pilot and how you train is how you fly. Most pilots will start out as private (PPL) or recreational (RPP) qualified and then go on to rent from their local school. Eventually, you will want to buy your own plane and travel farther from home. Adding float or instrument ratings will open up completely different worlds for you. We can help you get into flying at any level you want...or just help you get the most out of what you are flying now. Contact us for more information.

Ab Initio

Means “from the beginning”. We suggest all aspiring pilots get a good start at a reputable flight school. Take your time and do your research, find an instructor you like and work your tail off. Learning to fly is not that hard but being a good pilot is a lot of hard work. Good habits and an understanding of the physics of flight is essential. If you are in the Toronto area and you have your own airplane, we can provide bespoke training for you. This is best done in a 'boot camp' style for the best results.

Currency vs proficiency 

To be legal (and covered by insurance), you must be current. In Canada, reference CAR 401.05. 

Currency does not always imply proficiency (to be skilled or talented) in aviation and most people lack proficiency as a result of many factors: improper training, extended absence form flying, not being challenged or assessed by a professional.

We can ensure that you are proficient AND legal, with an emphasis on safety.

Type Checks

Getting into a new plane is a serious task. Even an old or familiar plane with new avionics or other features requires a thorough checkout. Let us help you get the most out of your new machine or new equipment and make sure you are safe and competent.

Insurance Checkouts

Similar to type checks, an insurance company will want you to get thoroughly checked out. To be properly covered and have a higher level of safety, ask your insurer what they require and what more you can do to lower premiums.

Specialty Training

  • Vintage aircraft, tailwheel and floats 
  • Rough weather, confined areas, unusual attitude recovery
  • Transborder, mountains and flying to the Bahamas
  • Simulator setup and virtual monitoring (coming soon)
  • Contact us to see if we can help